We’re helping the helpless.

“I can’t go back there. He’ll kill me. I don’t have anywhere to go–and I don’t have a job.”

These are the words of countless women, struggling together with their children in villages and cities across Uganda. Here at the Entebbe Shelter for Women and Children, we are passionate about not only providing solutions after domestic violence–but preventing it from ever happening at all.

Will you help?


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Rural women

Gomba women and girls showing interest in career development programs for their self sustainability and poverty reduction. God, give us the strength, courage and wisdom to accomplish what you are doing through us to empower these women and girls!

We’re headed to Gomba!

This week, we’re headed to the small village of Gomba in the central region of Uganda. We’re exploring the possibility of teaching vocational development skills to numbers of underprivileged women. Photos to come!

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